Wednesday, 23 August 2017


Create a pillow fort/tent and have a Netflix marathon.

There's nothing better than creating a fort out of pillows, blankets and lights and hunkering down to watch your favourite series.

Have a bonfire.

Eat s'mores. Hangout. Catch fireflies. Watch the sunset. Stargaze. Set up a sing-a-long. Use sparklers.

Start a new skin care regime.

Switch up your routine with the change of the season. After some time, products don't work as effectively as when first applied and often the change of weather can temporally cause breakouts, dryness and/or other effects on your skin.

Take a road trip.

Plan a day trip. Visit all the big statues, tourist attractions, deserted towns and perhaps a border or two.

Girls night-in.

Drink red wine, eat homemade dip and chips and spend the evening with your favourite people.

Go dancing.

Grab your best friends or your beau and go dancing. Find a class, group or event.

Tech-free fun.

Go to your local park, pack a picnic and have a wonderful technology free day. Or perhaps, enjoy the last of the warm weather and go swimming at an outdoor pool. Don't forget your sunscreen!


There are a million things to do during fall, these happen to be a few fun ones.



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