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Recap: Function of Beauty creates customizable Shampoo and Conditioners. With billions of combinations available, they offer something for everyone. Check out my last post where I explain more about the process and my experience ordering.
It had finally happened, my product had arrived. I will admit, my shampoo and conditioner took a less traditional route to my home. Function of Beauty only ships to the United States, so I had to purchase it and wait for a family friend to fly into Canada before I could receive my hair products. A quick side note for anyone else from Canada, the exchange rate hurt. It really did.

But that didn't matter. My shampoo and conditioner were finally here. The pretty box being too big for carry on luggage, my shampoo and conditioner set arrived in a plastic bag with all the necessary tools required. Finally, I'd get to try out this brand that everyone was talking about.

First Appearance: The bottles were a fair size with pretty pink formula inside. One of the bottle was slightly fuller and the other less so. Having done some research online, it seems the uneven product amounts are quite common. The shipment also came with two cute postcards, two pumps and an instruction manual with my personalized shampoo and conditioner ingredients.

  • Shampoo | Peachy pink.
  • Conditioner | Bubblegum pink.

Having inspected the contents and read the instructions, I quickly opened the bottles to get a whiff of the fragrance. It was a strong mix of essential oils.

  • Fragrance | Strong. Essential oils.

Finally, it was time to put the products to the test. Would Function of Beauty live up to the hype? 

Would my split ends renew? Would my hair be strengthened? Would the frizz be gone? Would I gain gradual length, and lose some of my excessive curls? 

Only time would tell.

Final Conclusion: To be determined.

Product Breakdown: I decided to divide the shampoo and conditioner into two different sub-categories as you don't necessarily have to buy them together and they both different products. I decided to break my rating into four groups: visual appeal, environmental impact, scent, consistency, overall effectiveness. Each category is out of 5.0 points. (Overall effectiveness will be rated out of 10.0.)

Visual 4.9 | The packaging is neat, non-bulky and clear. Having your own 'specific' formula name is a cute addition to the packaging. Unfortunately, the dye free formula masks the actual writing on the outside of the bottles so it's only effective some of the time. The pumps are cute and non-bulky.

The Pumps 1.0 | One of the pumps didn't work. It wouldn't unlock and after unlocking it, wouldn't disperse liquid. The circular ring that held it in place was loose and wouldn't fasten. The other pump, while unbroken was difficult to use at first. The amount of liquid dispensed was uneven.

Environmental Impact 5.0 | Very low. A good rating. The containers themselves are 100% recyclable. The product itself is vegan, paraben and sulphate free, and doesn't contain any toxins.

Scent 3.5 | The fragrance strength that I picked was strong, but the scent was barely noticeable once lathered. It smelt of eucalyptus and tea tree oil.

  • Shampoo 4.7 | Very nice. Hair felt clean afterwards, and the tangles were minimal.
  • Shampoo Consistency 4.9 | The first use had very little bubbles but during the second rinse it was quite sudsy. The consistency was slightly thin and very little was actually needed to wash.
  • Conditioner 0.5 | Hair was left tangled after use, neither soft nor straighter. 
  • Conditioner Consistency 0.4 | No bubbles. The conditioner was very thick, hard to spread throughout hair and didn't make locks feel any softer. It didn't coat the strands easily, if at all.
Overall Shampoo and Conditioner Effectiveness 5.2 | The conditioner might have been lacking but the shampoo was decent. It cleansed the hair, if not very effectively. Had the conditioner coated the strands better and the pump been functioning, it's first impression might not have been so low.

Post Wash | Dry Results

Having spent a large portion of time attempting to open up the conditioner, the experience was overall unpleasant. Hot water used up, hair tangled, I got out of the shower rather unimpressed. Hopefully, once dry, the results would be better. I ran my fingers through my hair, got dressed and let it air dry as usual. I'd given up on putting product in after washing about a month ago or more and my hair was enjoying the break. It didn't make sense to add product, blow-dry or change up my normal routine in anyway. Once dry, the disappointment continued. My hair was limp, dry and brittle with none of it's former volume or healthy texture.

Final Conclusion: What's not to love about the idea of beauty products customized just for you?
Having the ability to directly target specific needs of your body in one easy container, that's genius. However, perhaps not everything customized is made quite right for you. Function of Beauty produces personalized shampoo and conditioner for the individual. And for most, it probably works. But not necessarily for everyone. While I haven't used the product for very long, I have yet to see any significant positive results. Perhaps my personalized formula wasn't the right one for me. Perhaps some of the ingredients don't go together very well? Or perhaps attempting to target five different hair goals is too much. Whatever the issue, I don't think I'd purchase Function of Beauty's products again. That being said, out of curiosity, if the products were less expensive, I might give another formula a try? I have mixed feelings. I wonder if perhaps that might make a difference in the results from the shampoo and conditioner? However, overall, I would only recommend this product with caution.

I hope you've enjoyed this review. Let me know in the comments below if you've tried this brand and if you've had any success. I'd love to hear about your experience with Function of Beauty, and if you haven't purchased before, would you ever give custom beauty products a try?

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